PeerGalaxy Visioning & Planning for 2021

Update 1/24/2021:

Due to events in early 2021 the survey will be re-launched at a later date.

Stay tuned for updates.

* * *

With 2021 just days away, we plan to launch the Year-End Survey and schedule a Planning Discussion event early next year.  We want your input and feedback to shape the PeerGalaxy Portal and Platform

Year-End Survey Links:

PeerGalaxy Year-End Survey

PeerGalaxy Year-End Survey Letter

* * *

PeerGalaxy Vision Sketch *DRAFT*

PeerGalaxy was born with a vision to bring peer telehealth to every home, overcoming access barriers.  PeerGalaxy identified opportunities for growth, expanding access to a diverse array of responsive offerings in the midst of challenging circumstances.   

PeerGalaxy envisions becoming a catalyst toward ushering in new levels of possibility that the peer community has dreamed of achieving and now has greater means to realize.

The PeerGalaxy Portal connects people to multiple dimensions of virtual supports including valuable wellness resources, peer support, and recovery opportunities across communities, cultures, and topics including lived-experience of all spectrums

Mutual benefits are realized for visitors, the greater community of organizations and society at large.  

Networking and communication expands awareness about the Peer Delivered Services offerings in our region and beyond, bringing timely access to information, events and resources through this peer-operated hub

Through meaningful participation and engagement, people build relationships and social networks that serve to bring insight and support, to boost motivation and resilience, resource sharing and other benefits on this

Journey of  Life

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy continues to evolve to meet the needs of our peer communities. 

Your input and feedback on this Vision Sketch are welcome anytime, now or in the future.

* * *

Enjoy this tune, Spacebells, produced in 2019,

Instrumental with Choir Vocals

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