You are currently viewing AM – All Month – OERAP – Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program – Information and Application For Tenants and Landlords

AM – All Month – OERAP – Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program – Information and Application For Tenants and Landlords

January 14, 2022 all-day
OHCS - Oregon Housing and Community Services

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Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program is open as of May 19th. OHCS is working with local organizations to provide more than $200 million in assistance to low-income Oregonians that have been financially impacted by COVID-19. OHCS created a partner toolkit to help communities promote this vital resource. This packet includes check lists for tenants and landlords, application information and documentation, frequently asked questions, and other helpful information related to the program.

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The Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program (OERAP) helps eligible low-income households with their past due rent and utilities. This program uses funds from the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which allocated a collective total of $280 million to Oregon, the City of Portland, and multiple counties in the state. In most cases, approved applications will result in payments made directly to landlords and utility providers.

Beginning May 19, 2021, qualified renters who have experienced financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic, and are at risk of homelessness or housing instability, may apply for the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program (OERAP). This program is not a loan, which means those who receive assistance will not have to pay back funds so long as they are used as approved and not duplicating other assistance programs. Assistance is offered to all eligible renters regardless of their citizenship or immigration status, and it will not impact the recipient’s eligibility for other federally funded programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, social security, WIC or public housing.

Renters who are eligible for the program may request rent and/or utility assistance dating back to March 13, 2020 (prior expenses are not eligible). OERAP will cover up to 12 months of past due rent and three months of forward rent, once all past due rent is paid. OERAP will also cover past due utility costs including electricity, gas, home energy services, water, sewer, trash removal, internet and bulk fuels. Costs that will NOT be covered include: homeowner costs, homeowner utilities, landlord-paid utilities, landlord-paid property taxes, property insurance, phone, and renter insurance.

If approved, in most cases, payments will be made directly to the landlord, property owner or utility company on the tenant’s behalf via direct deposit or check. OERAP funds are not first-come-first-serve. Funds will be distributed based on a formula that prioritizes applications based on need. Everyone who turns in a completed application will have their application reviewed.

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To learn more about eligibility, applying and the program itself, scroll down or use the buttons below to jump to a section.

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