CL – Cancer Lifeline – Line, Chat, and Virtual Groups

CL – Cancer Lifeline – Line, Chat, and Virtual Groups





CancerLine offers online and telephone peer support for persons experiencing or impacted by cancer.

Online Support Groups Links:


206.297.2500 or toll-free 1.800.255.5505


Weekdays 6am-2pm PST / 9am-5pm EST

Online Support Groups

Our cancer support groups are designed to meet four key needs:

* Members have a place where emotions can be expressed and not judged
* Members gain a sense of community & inclusion with others in a similar situation
* Members find ways in which choice & control can be attained while living with cancer
* Members are provided with opportunities for education and information

While we are online, please note that our Support Group Norms require participation by both video and audio unless you have been granted an exception by Cancer Lifeline. To inquire about an exception, please call (206) 832-1271.

Current Support Groups