Maternal Depression Support Groups and Educational Resources – Online

Maternal Depression Support Groups and Educational Resources – Online

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Maternal Depression Support Groups and Educational  Resources


Peer Support Groups & More! Postpartum

Support International (PSI) Weekly Support Groups: PSI facilitates a wide variety of postpartum support groups every week for diverse populations, and all family members.

PSI also staffs a non-emergency helpline for education and support:  The number is 1-800-944-4773. PSI also offers a free peer mentor program where Mons or Dads can work 1-1 with a peer mentor once per week for up to 6 months.

Link to webpage for specific support groups, dates and times:


West Coast On-line Peer Support Forum:

Postpartum Progress Hosts Regional, On-line Forums for Maternal Depression and/or Anxiety:

These regional forums are moderated by volunteer Warrior Mom® Ambassadors who have completed Mental Health First Aid training.

Link to webpage to select a particular region, including West Coast (includes Oregon):


Oregon On-line Peer Support Groups: 

Free peer support groups and discussion forums, moderated by, “Well Mama,” for mothers and families on a wide variety of topics related to pregnancy and postpartum mental health.

Link to register:


 On-line Maternal Depression Education Resources:  

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): NIMH provides a comprehensive, downloadable educational manual about Postpartum (Perinatal) Depression. 

Link to the webpage to download this educational material:


Oregon Health Authority (OHA):

OHA provides a wide variety of educational materials on pregnancy and postpartum depression for both mothers and family members.

Link to this information: