ROCC – Recovery Outreach Community Center – Emotional Awareness – Tuesdays

ROCC – Recovery Outreach Community Center – Emotional Awareness – Tuesdays

June 22, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Online via Zoom
ROCC Salem


ROCC Salem presents online peer support

Emotional Awareness with Mark
Tuesday 2–3pm (PST)

This group is designed to support each other through a myriad of issues, such as depression and self-esteem focusing on self care solutions.

Click link below to attend group. You will be asked to register on ZOOM. It’s free and fast!

ZOOM Meeting ID:865 9680 5719

ROCC has peer support by phone and other online groups, too!

Do you need someone to talk to?

We’re available for anyone to call peer support no matter what!

Call anytime between 11am – 7pm PST 7 days per week, weekdays and weekends.

971-718-8668 (MONDAY-THURSDAY)
971-718-0967 (TUESDAY-FRIDAY)
971-718-8670 (FRIDAY-MONDAY)

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ROCC Mission Statement

Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC), is a safe place for people recovering from or who are interested in mental health, addiction, trauma, or other related issues. Our mission is to empower and respect others through peer-led service and peer-to-peer support. We want to encourage self-direction, personal responsibility and hope, by providing a safe place for people to share story and heal.

ROCC Principles

Principle I

The source of ROCC’s power is peer-to-peer relations. By sharing story and experiences, we lead each other into hope.

Principle II

Self-direction and personal recovery is ROCC’s goal. To be able to lead, control and choose your own recovery path will achieve a self-determined life.

Principle III

ROCC requires respectful conduct and encourages the voice of all. We must instill hope in the individual while fulfilling the values of the group.

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