Telephone Peer Support – MHAAO – Mental Health and Addictions Association of Oregon – Weekdays 9am-5pm

September 16, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
by Phone
MHAAO Mental Health and Addictions Association of Oregon
(503) 922-2377

MHAAO is pleased to offer Evolve’s Peer Support by Phone

9am to 5pm PST on Weekdays Monday through Friday

Flyer excerpt(s):

Do you need someone to talk to?

We’re available for anyone to call peer support no matter what!

MHAAO Poster

Happy to work with any age groups from any area.

Will make arrangements for virtual peer support if requested. 

Reina Bower: 971-337-4015

Sadie Campbell: 971-352-5501

Jenny Manzanares: 971-241-1404

David Barrett: 971-352-5088

Monica Alexander: 971-337-6716

Brenda Mitchell: 971-337-6715

Kim Kerkstra: 971-347-4381

Roman Becerra: 971-930-9017

Nichole Young: 971-352-0582

Tara Prince: 971-413-0264

Amber Lakin: 971-930-9404

Molly Griggs: 971-337-5506

Bryan Corley: 503-318-0842

Melinda Hicks: 971-347-4647

Adrienne Burrows: 971-806-6235

Elmer Morris: 971-337-4336

Jesse Maxwell: 971-202-6337

Marianne O’neill-Tutor: 971-337-6624

Rachelle Hazen: 971-352-5852

Tracy Lundy: 971-337-4327

Larae Miller: 503-278-6983

Kristina Teasley: 971-930-9014

Rick German: 971-284-5289