YE – YouthERA on Instagram – “Don’t @ Me” LIVE Show – Thursdays

YE – YouthERA on Instagram – “Don’t @ Me” LIVE Show – Thursdays

June 1, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Online via Instagram
YE - YouthERA


youth era presents

online virtual peer support for youth and young adults

Instagram “Don’t @ Me” LIVE Show

Join YouthERA live on Instagram every Thursday from 1-2pm PST. “Don’t @ Me” is a live show where YouthERA staff host conversations with digital influencers, community activists, and creators of all kinds. This is a community where all participants can feel heard, seen, and valued as we talk about the things that matter. Tune in to learn something new, make friends, receive support, and have fun!

Join YouthERA online via Instagram

Thursdays @ 1-2pm PST

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In addition, YouthERA offers

  • Twitch Stream Weekdays Monday-Friday @ 10am-1pm PST (Daytime, 3 hours) and 6pm-10pm PST (Evening, 4 hours)

YouthEra’s Twitch stream provides a safe and supportive opportunity for youth to have fun, receive peer support, and build community online. Any time a young person tunes in, they will have access to (at least) two youth peer support specialists, one who will be streaming and the other moderating the chat.

When you go to the link New world, you will automatically be sent an invite – all you need to do is join

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  • Virtual Drop on Discord Weekdays M-F, 3-6pm PST

During Virtual Drop hours, youth can access multiple chat rooms, participate in video game competitions, take cooking classes, do mindfulness exercises, and watch movies, among other activities.

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  • One on One Virtual Peer Support

One of the most important ways our team of dedicated peer support specialists connects with youth is through one-on-one meetings, but sometimes it’s not possible to meet in person. The good news is that our team has been providing virtual peer support from the very beginning! Our team of state-certified direct service staff (youth peer support specialists and Wraparound youth partners) can provide one-on-ones via phone/text, through video chat, and over their various Youth Era-issued social media accounts including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of one-on-one support, please click the link below to find the Program Manager in your region.

Visit this link to find your local YouthERA Program Manager:

YouthEra Website:




youth era

P.O. Box 583
Eugene, OR, 97440
phone:   971.334.9295

About YouthERA

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The success of young adults affects all of us. Each of us, whether we realize it or not, benefits when a young person graduates from high school, finds a job that helps them pay their rent, or gains access to effective services and supports.
YouthEra creates solutions for communities across the country that look beyond short-term assistance for the few and toward sustainable support for the many. When YouthEra opens up a new drop-in center, saving communities hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s not just the young people or even their families who benefit. With YouthEra services, young people have a much better chance of becoming happy, successful, and contributing adult members of their communities, and everyone reaps the rewards.
With your support, we are empowering young people to create personal, community and national change.
OUR IMPACT | YouthEra creates lasting positive change in the lives of young people and the systems that serve them. By uniting a diverse collective of young adults and organizations around innovative solutions, YouthEra impacts thousands each year.
OUR FOCUS | YouthEra works to provide accessible support services to all young people. We focus on direct service, training, and advocacy—the building blocks for creating lasting change for young people in communities across the country.
OUR WORK | YouthEra envisions a future where every young person has the opportunity to lead a happy, successful life, and whole communities flourish as a result. Every day, with the help of caring people like you, we are getting closer to seeing our dream become a reality.
The work we do is fueled by the unmatched dedication of our staff, the young people we serve, and the system partners we collaborate with who give their time and voices to empower young lives and improve our communities. Every day, our team creates positive change in a multitude of ways. Change happens when we support young people as they work to complete high school, find jobs, when we advocate for systems change, and so much more.

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