ROCC – Recovery Outreach Community Center – Virtual Yoga Everyday with Lea

June 10, 2021 all-day
Online via Zoom
ROCC-Recovery Outreach Community Center

ROCC is pleased to offer Everyday Yoga with Lea 7 days per week


Chair and Mat Yoga Sessions on YouTube FREE with Lea aka “Yoga Police”.

Suggestions: Firm chair / seat preferably with no back.  Comfortable clothes.  Books, pillows, or yoga blocks.  For more, see props and jokes session below.

[NOTE: Check with your doctor(s) and discuss any concerns before starting a new routine.]

1. Chair Yoga for Hips and PSOAs (23 min)

2. Chair Yoga for Chest and Back (25 min)

3. Vinyasa Flow for Core and Lateral Stability (45 min)

4. Vinyasa Flow for Legs and Hips, Part 1 of 2 (18 min)

5. Vinyasa Flow for Legs and Hips, Part 2 of 2 (24 min)

6. Chair Yoga for Full Body (23 min)

7. Vinyasa Flow for Healthy Digestion (44 min)

8. Chair Yoga Flow for Tension and Stress (26 min)

9. Chair Yoga Props and Jokes (28 min)

10. Vinyasa Yoga for Wrist and Ankle Strength (38 min)

11. Chair Yoga for a Hot Day (18min)

12. Outside Flow (26min)

13. Yin for the Hips (30min)

14. Chair Yoga for Sciatic Pain (20min)

15. Chair Yoga for Carpal Tunnel (28 min)

16. Couch Yoga (25min)

17. Sense Yoga Flow (30min)

18. Chair Yoga (26min)

19.Grounding into Expansion (38min)

20. Chair Yoga Mind and Body (27min)

21. Restorative Yoga for Flow (51min)

ROCC has peer support by phone and other online groups, too!

Do you need someone to talk to?

We’re available for anyone to call peer support no matter what!

Call anytime between 11am – 7pm PST 7 days per week, weekdays and weekends.

971-718-8668 (MONDAY-THURSDAY)
971-718-0967 (TUESDAY-FRIDAY)
971-718-8670 (FRIDAY-MONDAY)

To learn about ROCC’s Online Groups visit:

ROCC Mission Statement

Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC), is a safe place for people recovering from or who are interested in mental health, addiction, trauma, or other related issues. Our mission is to empower and respect others through peer-led service and peer-to-peer support. We want to encourage self-direction, personal responsibility and hope, by providing a safe place for people to share story and heal.

ROCC Principles

Principle I

The source of ROCC’s power is peer-to-peer relations. By sharing story and experiences, we lead each other into hope.

Principle II

Self-direction and personal recovery is ROCC’s goal. To be able to lead, control and choose your own recovery path will achieve a self-determined life.

Principle III

ROCC requires respectful conduct and encourages the voice of all. We must instill hope in the individual while fulfilling the values of the group.


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