PeerGalaxy Calendar and Resource List

PeerGalaxy added 2 new pages admist the current pandemic: 

1. PeerGalaxy Calendar

The PeerGalaxy Calendar features peer telehealth including telephone and online virtual meetings for peer support and wellness activities.  This calendar is geared for individuals seeking mental health, recovery, peer support, mutual aid, social connection and wellness.  This includes people who may be experiencing distress, pursuing recovery for mental health challenges, addictions, co-occurring disorders, and/or trauma. 

Open versus Closed Groups:  If a group is marked “open”, generally it means people can attend even if they are not identifying as peers with a particular lived experience or past participation.  Courtesy would be to contact the facilitator ahead of time if there is a question as to whether a group is open or closed.  Plans are in the work for a separate calendar with online groups for family members, caregivers and natural supports.   

2. PeerGalaxy Coronavirus / COVID-19 Specific Resources

The PeerGalaxy Coronavirus / COVID-19 Specific Resources page features links to official pages of state and federal agencies for general information such as the State of Oregon, Governor’s Office, the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control), economic stimulus benefits, and resources for a variety of topics, populations, and services.  It also features links to organizations offering resources, information and/or assistance for individuals, nonprofits, small businesses, entrepreneurs and more.   Health equity, advocacy, and multi-lingual access are highlighted.

Please check it out, share it, and let us know if you have suggestions.

Thank you to all who are volunteering, creating resources, practicing kindness, giving, and supporting effective responses during this pandemic.

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