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* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is clear and easy to navigate.  PeerGalaxy has such great resources like the calendar of events and trainings plus the list of local meetings. I had no idea there were so many offered.

To have a whole list in one place is amazing! 

I found trainings I’ll be checking into along with groups and meetings I want to try!

I want EVERYONE to know about PeerGalaxy!  I will share it far and wide!  Thanks!

– L. Whipple, Peer Support Specialist @ Oregon Senior Peer Outreach

* * * * *

I have explored this online tool and I have to say – as a self-identified resource queen – this is good beyond hope! Something for everyone to use for themselves and/or share with others.

PeerGalaxy is easy to use and thoughtful for persons of all abilities. The intersectionality in its offerings are outstanding. If this recovery tool wasn’t already free, it would be the best Christmas present I could give this year!

Marianne O’Neill-Tutor, Former Program Manager @ MHAAO

* * * * *

“Laura Rose wouldn’t let a door stand in her way, so she decided to open every door for every one. Here’s how she’s giving people access to an entire galaxy full of peer support with”

“It’s reaching people across the globe in different languages.”

– Wesleigh Ogle, Anchor @ KATU ABC Channel 2 News in Portland, Oregon

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy and Laura Rose have been definitively helpful, supportive, directive and interested in the Surviving Race Community Care COVID19 Peer Crisis Network ( Surviving Race: The Intersection of Disability, Injustice and Human Rights is a coalition of People of Color and allies with lived experience, mental health advocates and survivors.  We provided meaningful peer support groups and programming – over 250 hours live and recorded.

PeerGalaxy Calendar featured practically every program and remains extremely important to the success of the Network.  We are indebted to Laura Rose and to PeerGalaxy.

Jennifer M. Padron, CHW, CPS, M.Ed, Organizer @ SRCCPSN

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy website is full of helpful information and accessible for many people. I love that there is a translation option and the accessibility button for different viewing options depending on the individuals need. My next favorite item on this site is the glossary which also increases accessibility for people. It can be hard to navigate the different systems due to technical terms so having an easy to read list of terms in an accessible area is so helpful.  

Jennifer A. Fraga, MSW, Suicide Prevention Specialist @ Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide (OAPS) & Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs (AOCMHP)

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is an incredible wealth of resources and community events for people of all ages and abilities, including older adults.  Every week I train caregivers and share about 211 and PeerGalaxyThey often identify events and resources of interest for themselves as well as those they serve.”

–   Caregiving Trainer @ Oregon-based community caregiving agency

* * * * *

“[The Doctor] told me about PeerGalaxy and I think it’s amazing what you are doing.  I was hoping to volunteer with your organization.  If you could please let me know the opportunities available, I would appreciate it.  Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.”

–   Referred Visitor / Volunteer @ Office of Local Medical Professional

* * * * *

I’m a peer wellness specialist who would like to volunteer for y’all at any capacity that you find valuable.” 

–   Nicholas B.

* * * * *

“Hello PeerGalaxy.  First of all, you are amazing. I am a graduate student mental health counselor in training. I would love to hand out your business cards. Thank you for doing what you do!  You rock!”

–   April O.

* * * * *

Laura Rose, thank you for your work in putting the PeerGalaxy presentation together and leading us through this incredible resource!”

–   Lydia Dennehy, ORFWA President Emeritus @ ORFWA

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is a virtual, easy-to-navigate portal to a vast community and treasure trove of resources related to peer support, recovery, health & wellness, and many other related-topics. Access to this universe of resources is free and just-a-mouse-click-away at  Please check it out and spread the word!!!”

–   PeerGalaxy Visitor

* * * * *

“Hello all you fellow humans and spirit beings! Take a look at PeerGalaxy. Everyone needs someone to connect with for support and wellness activities.”

–   PeerGalaxy Visitor

* * * * *

“Everyone in the digital world needs a life raft to connect to folks with lived experience for mutual support.

 Check it out —

–   PeerGalaxy Visitor

* * * * *

I noticed how thorough and organized your directory is. 

I am hoping that we can do something similar for our area.”

–   MJ Griego, Program Coordinator @ North Suffolk Community Services, Peer Group Ctr. (Chelsea, MA)

* * * * *

Thank you Laura Rose and Kevin.  All our staff are over-the-moon about PeerGalaxy!

– Todd Trautner, Supervisor @ Oregon Senior Peer Outreach

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is the first place to look for up-to-date information on peer support opportunities in Oregon.  PeerGalaxy displays the expansive world of peer support while bringing accurate details to your fingertips.  On the David Romprey Oregon Warmline we use PeerGalaxy website to assist our callers in connecting with a wide variety of online peer support groups.

– Sharon Kuehn, Manager @ David Romprey Oregon Warmline

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy has greatly increased my ability to make excellent referrals for callers from Oregon.  When I found out about PeerGalaxy, I was elated. PeerGalaxy is the perfect resource for Oregonians in distress, particularly those who live on the margins of society and are currently not being well served by traditional mental health professionals.  …PeerGalaxy is full of peer-delivered services. It has an easy to use directory and calendar, is clear and accessible. I am thrilled that it even has information on how to launch a peer support group!  Nothing was overlooked in the design of the website, including helpful tips for people with limited knowledge of computers. I love that there are instructions for purchasing a webcam. Wow!  …Many more could benefit from PeerGalaxy implemented as a worldwide model for other states/countries.

– Sarah Smith, Advocate @ MindFreedom International

* * * * *

Thank you for launching PeerGalaxy! It’s a wonderful, “one stop source” to inform peers of the many peer support organizations which exist in the local area, and a consolidated calendar of events, and what I envision will be so much more!

Check it out when you have a chance!

– Board Chair @ Folktime, an Oregon Peer-Run Organization

* * * * *

I love how many resources you have posted in the gambling category. And, I am in awe of your website. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and information.

– Rose Kuhnau, CPSS CGRM CRM 

* * * * *

“…Seeing one person making it happen, thereby helping a multitude of other people like that is what humanity is all about.”

– Bob Wharton

* * * * *

“If you have a pulse basically, you can find something on PeerGalaxy.  I was in the fire. Now that I am out of the fire, why wouldn’t I go back in and help other people who are in the fire find their way out of the fire.”

 – Peer Supporter

* * * * *

“The comraderie is what is really important to me because I’m a people person.”

PeerGalaxy Visitor + Facilitator

* * * * *

“This is amazing!”

– Amy Jo Young

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is an invaluable resource for connection, support, information and services.

It is Peer-driven and Peer-led, providing accurate information regarding virtual events, peer-related news and activities, as well as frank sharing of our lived experience. 

I love sharing PeerGalaxy with people in my galaxy of peers, friends and family of peers, and co-workers! I look forward to seeing what Twenty-Twenty-Wonderful will bring.

– Caroline Owczarzak, Peer Support Specialist @ Deschutes County

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is an awesome, up-to-date, one-stop shop to navigating the Multiverse of links, resources, calendars and information pertinent to those in need of peer resources.  I recommend PeerGalaxy to many people including coworkers, peer run organizations (PROs), and peers.  With its event metadata tags and search tools PeerGalaxy saves our workforce, individuals and families valuable time, sparing the struggle of having to dig through scores of websites to find the wealth of information at our fingertips on PeerGalaxy.  

– Roger Payne, BSW, BSE, ACS, CPSS, Skills Trainer, Case Manager and Peer Support Specialst @ Marion County

* * * * *

[Janie] Gullickson recommends several resources, including the website PeerGalaxy, which has links to support groups, services, online and phone outreach information, and more.

– Janie Gullickson, Executive Director @ MHAAO appearing in the KOIN Special Report: “Oregon wildfires hinder addiction, mental health recovery” by Hannah Ray Lambert on 9/28/2020

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is a ‘win’ satisfying an unmet community need through this easy-access utilitarian digital resource. Also, PeerGalaxy is a ‘win’ for Oregon state – mental health reform advocates at the Oregon Consumer Advisory Council bringing issues to the attention of the Oregon Health Authority. But most importantly, PeerGalaxy is a ‘win’ for all persons wishing to quickly access peer support for mental health concerns.

– Mark Fisher, QMHA/CPSS & Past Chair @ OCAC (Oregon Consumer Advisory Council) & OSPO (Oregon Senior Peer Outreach)

* * * * *

More than just a link, PeerGalaxy Calendar event entries offer a wealth of information opening doors of knowledge about organizations to peers that peers may not have otherwise known about or been connected to, being able then to serve more in-depth needs related to age, life stage, race or ethnicity and cultural background in addition to connecting us more deeply to each other.  This is a place where we can learn more about each other and create a stronger bond of community.

– B. Mcleod, Peer Support Specialist @ ProjectABLE (A Better Live Experience)

* * * * *

Just Wow! PeerGalaxy is so much more that I imagined. The resources are extensive. I have shared it with our case managers!

– M. Schoen-Clark, President and Executive Director @ Sabin CDC

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is phenomenal!   It is a great place to find peer support and resources.

I refer people often!

Fawn Preston, Peer Delivered Services Manager @ Recovery Works Northwest

* * * * * can be great to visit when you are feeling low and need to find a connection.

– Anonymous

* * * * *

I contacted the [organization] from a post on Facebook that you posted. I almost feel that you and they helped save my life and my sanity in a situation I am experiencing. …Thanks a million!

PeerGalaxy Facebook Page Visitor

* * * * *

Thank you so much for sharing this resource.  We will be promoting it through our social media channels and the website in the coming days.

– Miso Kwak, Ed. M. @ The National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems 

* * * * *

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

– Staff Member @ Lines for Life 

* * * * *

“Wow! I had no idea that there were so many peer support services available!”

“There is a meeting for everything!”

“I am definitely going to be using this – a lot!”

–Staff Training Attendees @ David Romprey Oregon Warmline

* * * * *

“This is great!! “

“I had no idea until I dug into the PeerGalaxy site how many resources there were!!”  

“It’s so nice and easy to use.”  

“It includes peer support for people coping with cancer, brain injury, and more!”

–Attendees @ Washington County SUD Peer Coalition

* * * * *

PeerGalaxy is the best resource and I can’t wait to see the world join!” 

“So easy to navigate and understand.”

“I’ve already sent this link to my whole team!”

“This will really help a lot of people that I work with!”

“Washington State can learn a lot from Oregon with this platform and commitment to your work. Thank you for sharing this with us!”

“Why am I just now hearing about this?!?!  Super cool resource!”

PeerGalaxy for the win!”

– Workshop Attendees @ Peerpocalypse 2020


Social Participation Protects!

[R]esearch shows social activities, like joining clubs, interest groups, or volunteering, are linked to better mental and physical health and a longer lifespan.


Santini, Ziggi Ivan, Paul Jose, Charlotte Meilstrup, Line Nielsen, Katrine Madesn and Vibeke Koushede.  “Formal social participation protects physical health through enhanced mental health: A longitudinal mediation analysis using three consecutive waves of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).”  Social Science and Medicine. Vol. 251 (April 2020).  Last viewed online 2020 Jul 19 at:


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PeerGalaxy Calendar Organizations List



  •  DRWO
    • David Romprey Warmline Oregon
  • ROCC
    • Recovery Outreach Community Center
  • ProjectA.B.L.E.
    • A Better Life Experience
    • Oregon Mental Health Consumer Association
  • BAFS
    • Bay Area First Step
    • Mental Health and Addictions Association of Oregon
  • OCSC
    • Oregon Consumer Survivor Coalition
  • FolkTime
    • Surviving Race Caring Communities Peer Support Network
  • HVN
    • Hearing Voices Network
  • DDA
    • Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon
  • CrimAnon
    • Criminals Anonymous
  • THP
    • Trauma Healing Project
  • HLAA
    • Hearing Loss Association of America
  • NAMI
    • National Alliance for Mental Illness
  • OFSN
    • Oregon Family Support Network
  • ROO
    • ReachOut Oregon
  • YE
    • YouthERA (formerly YouthM.O.V.E. Oregon)
  • NAYA
    • Native American Youth Association
  • NARA
    • Native American Rehabilitation Association
  •  4D
    • 4th Dimension Recovery
  • ITN
    • Iron Tribe Network
  • AFSP
    • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • KIVA / ZIA
  • AA
    • Alcoholics Anonmyous
  • GA
    • Gamblers Anonymous
  • NA
    • Narcotics Anonymous
  • BIA
    • Brain Injury Alliance
    • (Inter)National Association of Peer Supporters
    • Oregon Peer Delivered Services Coalition
    • Oregon Family Workforce Association
  • HP
    • HeyPeers
  • SGC
    • Support Groups Central

Federal Agencies / Offices

    • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association

State Agencies / Offices

  • OHA
    • Oregon Health Authority
  • OCA
    • Office of Consumer Activities
  • ORR
    • Office of Resilience and Recovery

Advisory Councils

  • OCAC
    • Oregon Consumer Advisory Council
  • CSAC
    • Children’s System Advisory Council
  • CSAW
    • Crisis System Advisory Workgroup (e.g. 988, MRSS Mobile Response and Stabilization Services, etc.)