PeerGalaxy Calendar Enters Phase 2

The PeerGalaxy Calendar enters Phase II bringing new features and more peer support, recovery and wellness activities than ever before.

Many of us are finding our way in a new world, transformed by the pandemic and much more.  So much is happening on our planet, inside of each of us, and among our friends, families, communities and networks we have connected with.  From the perspective of PeerGalaxy there are waves of kindness and community care bringing us together. 

Visit, discover and explore the *NEW* PeerGalaxy Calendar online at:

Please check it out, share it, and let us know if you have suggestions.

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Speaking of Perspective

Have you seen the Dolphin Nebula?


Dolphin Nebula featured by NASA in March 2020

This cosmic bubble is 5,200 light years away and is nearly 70,000 earth-years old, covering more of the sky than a full moon, coming from the star in the center which is 20x the mass of the Sun in our solar system, believed to be in a pre-supernova phase of massive star evolution with the glow of ionized oxygen atoms mapped to a blue hue.  Read more…

* * *

We thank each and every one of you who are volunteering, creating resources, practicing kindness, giving, and supporting effective responses during these times.  May your blessings multiply.

* * *

Enjoy this new tune, Galaxy Feet produced in 2020, EDM Genre, 2min 48sec, WAV format, 3Mb:

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