PeerGalaxy Public Data Explorer *UPDATE*

A PeerGalaxy add-on is in the works to boost resource navigation, systems understanding, consumer engagement and peer advocacy.

We have added a page with some amazing links on the *NEW* Public Data Explorer page:

Loaded with definitions, links, tools, and tutorials for getting started exploring the thousands of free, public data sets available on the internet you can start your data journey.

Some of that data is updated in real time using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with OData (open data) feeds

With just a few clicks, you can have 14+ years of data at your fingertips free from the Oregon Legislative Information System, such as legislators’ contact information, districts, and more.  Learn about the many opportunities for providing input from your lived experience and expertise at public meetings, advisory councils, boards, commissions, workgroups and more.

Please check it out, share it, and let us know if you have suggestions.

Stay tuned!

* * *

Through the pandemic, there have been a host of other major challenges faced by many in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Wildfires, ice storms, extreme heat, civil unrest, insurrection, military events, threat of nuclear war, grief, loss, isolation, stress, workforce shortages and more.  Yet at every turn, people have shown up for their community to extend peer support in one form or another.  Many have been working overtime to get resources to people and keep essential services going. 

We are grateful to the incredible network of individuals, families, and organizations coming together to bring offerings of peer support, recovery and wellness activities to bridge critical gaps, improve lives, promote healing, rebuild and recover.  We celebrate this Galaxy of Superstars!

Thank You for Your Time, Energy & Support!

The PeerGalaxy Calendar now features over 82,000 FREE monthly offerings and that’s an undercount!  We’ve had over 4.5 Million Hits and counting!

* * *

Enjoy this 2.5 minute vocal exploration “Go Deeper” hosted on YouTube with music visualization generated by 3rd party software in the window below. 

CAUTION: videos may have rapid color changes that might affect people with light sensitivity or a history of seizures, or other conditions, so exercise caution accordingly and skip or avoid if unsure.

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