PeerGalaxy Brings More in 2024

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Welcome to 2024. 

Over 1.2 Million Visits. 

Over 5.9 Million Hits.

Over 13.5 Million Hits.

Plus WE got MORE in STORE for 2024.

– PeerGalaxy

2024 is shaping up to be a year of tremendous growth for  In April 2024 alone, we had 1.1 Million Hits – doubling from 550,000 Hits in the prior month.  On average that’s about ~3,000 visits per day, viewing 16+ pages.  Our PeerGalaxy Outreach Resource Kits have been going out to peer supporters on mobile crisis teams with the “988 Cards(English & Spanish).

PeerGalaxy has partnered with 2 firms for increasing speed and accessibility, an updated design, and robust new content and features on the website.  Leveraging powerful tools, the site will have more bells and whistles.  At Peerpocalypse 2024 we have an exhibitor table with goodies. 

The PeerGalaxy Team has grown and received amazing trainings for facilitation excellence, trauma awareness, co-regulation, coherence, polyvagal theory, somatic experiencing, burnout prevention & mitigation and other exciting topics. 

PeerGalaxy has provided over 100 online community events on the platform, earning a 5 out of 5 stars average rating with overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Some offerings are seasonal but most are weekly such as Wellness Buddies, Adult Coloring, Reset Wednesdays, Peer Recovery, Resilience and Re-Connection, Felt Sense of Safety, Fearless Fridays, Voices/Visions, and Kitchen Empowerment Hour.

  * * *

Stay tuned formore updates coming soon!

  * * *

We remain super grateful to our Team, our Community, our Champions and Supporters, our Funders, our Sponsors, and our Visionary Supporters!

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