HVN – Hearing Voices Network Pacific Rim – Virtual Online Groups – Weekdays and Weekends

May 1, 2020 all-day
Online via Zoom
Pacific Rim Hearing Voices Network

logoPacific Rim Hearing Voices Network – A regional network specifically serving the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Island regions.  These online groups are for people who experience (or have experienced) voices, visions, extreme states and other unshared realities, as well as for people who directly support someone at home with these experiences.  We are working to build community in Oregon, Washington and the Pacific Islands.

All frameworks are welcome.

These online groups fully adhere to the Pacific Rim HVN Charter. These groups are non-judgmental, do not assume illness, and are not considered treatment or therapy. Pacific Rim HVN groups are social gatherings for people with lived experience to come together and share those experiences in an atmosphere of open-mindedness and mutual respect. Sharing your story, as well as receiving feedback from others, is always optional.

Our groups are hosted on Zoom and are available via computer, tablet, smartphone or landline.

Groups are designated for specific regions but are also OPEN to people from other geographical areas.


Join a Meeting:

To access one of these groups, email a request to the contact email listed next to the specific group; you should receive an invitation with the connection info for Zoom — an audio/visual platform reachable by computer, smartphone, tablet and landline.

These groups are FREE, but Donations are welcome.

Visit the website for more info at https://www.pacificrimhvn.org

Meeting schedule: 
NOTE: All meetings subject to change without notice.  Check the website for the most current information
Puget Sound HVN – 5:30pm to 7pm PST.  E-mail pugetsound@pacificrimhvn.org
Seattle HVN – Noon to 1:30pm PST.  E-mail seattle@pacificrimhvn.org
Pacific Islands HVN – 7:30pm to 9pm PST.  E-mail pacificislands@pacificrimhvn.org
Online Groups:
Pacific Rim HVN Charter (adapted from the HVN England Charter):