Event Categories Explained

PeerGalaxy Calendar 2.1 Beta

includes a section labeled

Event Category Links

In the Event Category Links section there are several shortcut links to different “views” of the calendar. These views display events sorted into specific categories.

Clicking on an Event Category Link will take the user directly to a calendar displaying events in that category. 

Below each calendar view there is a blue (Return to TOP) button that when clicked will take you back up to the list of Event Category Links near the top of the page. 

Lets review each of the Event Category Links and learn about the events that they will display when selected. 

AllThis calendar view displays all of the offerings available as of today’s date. This link does display all of the events available in all categories.  Bundled, all-day event listings appear at the top followed by time-specific events.  See more on those two categories below.

WarmlinesThis calendar view displays a list of telephone-accessible warmline services where peers can talk directly with peer supporters.  Warmlines serve a wide variety of peers and often address specific topics or needs. This category generally does not include hotlines, crisis lines, or emergency services.  However, due to the pandemic, the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Hotline is listed and available 24/7. 

Bundled Event ListingsThis calendar view displays a list of organizations with offering multiple services and activities, generally too numerous to list as separate events.  These listings often include a link to search for events and activities by location, by time of day, or other variables.  Some services are available to multiple times daily, weekly, or monthly.  A few listings in this category are available 24/7 as an online forum, message board, or as a series of videos.

Time Specific: This calendar view displays events and activities that occur on a specific date and/or time.  This view excludes bundled events so you can quickly look through the offerings in the course of a day from morning to night and see what’s coming up now, soon, or next.  

Adult: This calendar view displays events and activities for peer support, recovery and/or wellness appropriate for adults 18+ years old and above. 

Family/CaregiverThis calendar view displays events and activities for peer support, recovery and/or wellness to address the needs of families, family members, caregivers and natural supports.  Events in this category may also include events for children, youth and adolescents to be considered by the adult family/caregiver(s).

Young AdultThis calendar view displays events and activities for peer support, recovery and/or wellness especially designed for young adults, typically in the age range of 18-24.  In addition, some young adults may be emancipated by age 16. 

Webinars: This calendar view displays informational webinars, online presentations, dialogs and similar events on a variety of topics. This category usually does not include direct services, such as direct peer support.  

Training: This link currently brings up a document in PDF format prepared by the Oregon Health Authority listing training events for peer supporters, including family support, youth support, and adult peer support – mental health and/or addictions recovery.  At a later time, this may transition to a calendar view.

Special Events: This calendar view displays special events and activities such as virtual conferences, summits or gatherings that may include multiple stakeholders or communities of interest. Sometimes these events address timely topics and may involve multiple community groups or sectors.  

Consumer / Stakeholder Input OpportunitiesThis calendar view displays events where consumers and stakeholders are invited to provide input on issues and decisions relevant to individual(s), family(s),  and/or their community(s).  Examples include public meetings with public comment, public hearings, listening sessions, public forums, town halls and other civic meetings. 

*Remember after selecting a category and viewing that page you can always return to the top of the calendar page by using the (Return to TOP) button located below the calendar view for the event category you selected.


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